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Small bag sauce packaging machine

Small bag sauce packaging machine

    Small bag sauce packaging machine adopts intelligent numerical control system, imported stepping motor pull bag mechanism, advanced photoelectric system, stable and reliable performance, widely used in medicine, food, chemicals, pesticides, seeds and other materials of the small bag packaging ( Liquids, granules, powders, and sauces) they are well received by users.

    Packaging applications: small bags of sauces, hot pepper, oil bag, spicy red oil, pepper oil, jam, instant noodles seasoning package, sweet bean paste, tomato sauce, sushi soy sauce package, small mustard sauce, sauce packets and other spices and chemical packaging.

    Sauce packaging machine features:

    1. oil and pepper packaging machine button switch + full digital display. The operation is stable and reliable.

    2. Seasoning sauce package adopts step motor subdivision technology, computer control, high precision of bag making, error is less than 1mm.

    3. automatic tracking color standard, intelligent elimination of false color standard, automatic positioning and fixed length of packaging bag.

    4. intelligent Electro-optic color code positioning control system.

    5. automatic sauce packaging machine adopts dual temperature control heat sealing, intelligent temperature control, good heat balance, guarantee sealing quality, and is suitable for a variety of packaging materials.

    Technical specifications:

    Packing speed: 20-50 (bags/second) depending on the material and specifications

    Bag size: 20-240m wide, 30-200mm wide, and up to 400mm

    Bag style: Three-side seal

    Measuring range: 10-100g (depending on the material)

    Voltage: 220V Configured according to customer's needs.

    Dimensions: 1350*650*1600(mm) Slight changes due to special requirements

    Net weight: 185 (kg) varies by configuration

    Suitable for packaging materials: paper/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene, non-woven, filter paper and other composite materials

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Small bag sauce packaging machine

Small bag sauce packaging machine

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